The Elliot Clan Society is a worldwide organization, with active branches in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The primary purpose of this Society, which is headquartered in Redheugh, Scotland is to preserve the history and traditions of the Elliot Clan, and to promote a spirit of kinship among its members. In the words of Sir Arthur, “The tie is essentially a family one, transcending national boundaries and disregarding distinctions of age, sex, wealth or status. Thus our Clan Society is more than a club and more even than what is generally understood by a ‘Society’. It is above all, a family association and has been formed for those of us who feel that this ancient tie is of special interest and value to our modern world.”

The Elliot Clan Society’s is also a source of online genealogical information. With thousands of records to access, we hope your visit will be enjoyable and that you are successful in connecting with your Elliot ancestors.